Tinyboard/flockdraw Design (Oldie)

Find me on Kontain!


From now on you can go interactive with me on the beutiful Kontain.com


(absolutely not my design-work)

TinyConf Design




Tiny conferences with your webcam and microphone - it's as simple as that.

In a cute little shell of course.

For the Love of The 53 Colors


Logotype for our class-site, 53 Colors.

The logo is a combination of a heart, splashes, an explosion, skyscrapers and zelda-swords.

My design.

Redesign of PetitionSpot.com



Re-design of PetitionSpot.com done - online soon.

Ordboken - PHP Project

This was one of the PHP-assignments we had during our technology specificiation #1 here at Hyper Island.

I made a little site that allowed my friends to post funny quotes and etc.


(first attempt at php-programming.)

thanks for the help to dettmar

2nd place on DesignCharts.com


Our lovely site 53Colors.com popped up on second place at Designcharts.com today. Wonderful.




I like tiny things. Easy, fast and free.


The Countdown of 53 Colors

Allright folks.

I've been a bit inactive here on the blog but I got a pretty good reason for that.
During the past 4 weeks I have worked hard together with the design-team here at Hyper. We are almost at the end of our marketing & promotion-module which means that we will launch our class-site soon. To be exact, in 10 days the release is upon us.

We, the digital media class of 2010 are the people behind 53 Colors. We are all colours, out on a mission, to save the world, or what? Soon, you will see.

Credits: The logo is my work. The 3D logo-effect is Martin Bergéns. The 3D city is Gregmacks. Layout & overall design on the countdown site is made by me and Anders Naero. Flash by Marius Nohr & Kristofer Forsell.


I could be yours, truly

Yes, the rumours are true. I'm going out for a 7 month long internship in November later on this year.

Interested? Send me an email, visulize(at)gmail.com / fredrik.weinestad(at)hyperisland.se

For your notice. This blog is temporary. I only use it to ventilate the pictures that pops up on my desktop from time to time. My photoshop is like a machine, they say.

A 100% portfolio and a 100% blog is coming within 1 month.

Hyperlove.se Design

Here's a blog-design for Hyperlove.se


Back from Berlin

Oh yes, oh yes!

Me and some of my fellow partners here at Hyper Island went to Berlin last weekend to do some awesome stuff.
We arranged a small gathering where we had a bunch of very skilled people from Kollektiv Livet who painted a huge wall.

Read more about the trip at Hyperlove (my blog-design)


Love Love Love


BITS Internet Technology Services, Logotype

Hola bandola!

Here comes a little something.


TinyChat Design

Ok, I got another project the other day. A logo and template for TinyChat - done & closed.


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